Monthly Archive: May 2016

Ethical Ways to Building Links – Broken Link Method

broken link buildingBroken link building is quite a personal process which is both time consuming and may or may not yield high results. Because of its individual emailing method where mass emailing doesn’t work, it would be unwise to consider this the only SEO method to practice link building for your website. It is also imperative to note that many webmasters treat such emails as spam, thus reducing the sender’s credibility with penalties from search engines. This type of outreach linking technique depends on the creativity of the SEO and can be used as a viable method to acquire trustworthy and quality links from any niche without the boundaries of categorisation and are an excellent long term tactic. There are four steps to broken link building:

1. Identify a site you want to be linked to
2. Searching that site for outbound links that are broken
3. Notify the website admin of broken links
4. Get your own site added to their site as a reward

Notifying the admin is not as easy as shooting an email any more; with greater advancements in spam filtration, one real email among a thousand spam won’t stand out. All popular websites have their equivalents in social websites and in 2016, this is the easiest way to get their attention. Not only will socially calling them out force them into action, but it also ensures the right person has been reached regarding the issue.

With spam and spammers running rampant, you cannot really blame the site admin for being suspicious when a stranger contacts them out of seemingly good will. Be prepared to back your identity and story up with evidence and be transparent on whose behalf you are dealing. This effectively opens lines of communication easier than a blank email that anyone could have sent. Outreach experts also understand the value of using the right tools and apps to make their job easier. A good app or tool will help you build up your content and media using real time data lists which is one of the keys to success.